12 Newnham Terrace

All the Newnham Terrace houses have front entrances on to Newnham Road and rear entrances directly in to the College gardens.  Each house has a large, well-appointed kitchen in the basement and share toilets and showers.


Room No Room Size Basin Shower Grade Weekly Rent* Additional information
1 4.24m x 3.64m B2 £124.81 Basement, Overlooking rear garden
2 4.27m x 4.09m A2 £135.21 Ground floor, Overlooking rear garden
3 4.8m x 4.55m A2 £135.21 Ground floor, Overlooking front garden
4 3.96m x 3.86m B2 £124.81 1st floor, Overlooking rear garden
5 4.3m x 4m A2 £135.21 1st floor, Road side
6 3.8m x 4.3m A2 £135.21 2nd floor, Overlooking rear garden
7 4.33m x 4.31m A2 £135.21 2nd floor, Road side
8 6.47m x 4.08m A2 £135.21 Attic
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