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Guide lines for parties in Hostels

The College expects every member to behave in a responsible manner, and to hold parties in accordance with the guide lines given below. The main purpose of these guide lines is to assist in conducting parties without giving cause for concern to residents, neighbours or College.

The host/s are responsible for ensuring that fire and safety regulations are fully complied with. The host/s must not allow the maximum noise level at any time to exceed the figures laid down in the regulations of the County Council Fire and Environmental Health Offices. The number of guests at any party is to be limited to 6 times the number of residents. However at Gwen Raverat House and Frank Young House the number of guests must not exceed 60 people.

It is in your own interests to be polite and considerate to neighbours. Therefore at least one day's notice must be given to neighbours that a party is to be held. This may well increase their tolerance level! Additionally you should be considerate towards any resident of the hostel who may have genuine reasons against holding a party (e.g. exams, illness).

Host/s are responsible for cleaning up the residue after a party, and for any intentional/unintentional damage to hostel property. Any abnormal cleaning costs incurred by the College will be borne by the host/s.

Only residents of a hostel may host a party.


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