Ethernet service in Student Rooms

All rooms in the Rayne Building, Newnham Grange, the Old Granary, Newnham Terrace, Newnham Road, Frank Young House, Gwen Raverat, Malting House, 2 Summerfield, 5 Wordsworth Grove, and 10 Barton Rd are networked. You can apply for a connection at any time by plugging in the computer you want networked into the socket in your room and opening a web browser to be automatically directed to the registration page. After completing the registration process the connection will be activated within a few days. The information below gives further details about network requirements.

Ethernet cables are available from the Porter's Lodge at a cost of £3.

Parts of the College (including the Study Centre) are also covered by a Wireless network.

Important Note:

Network traffic between the University and the rest of the world is now chargeable by the megabyte. This cost is passed on to the College, and the College therefore reserves the right to pass this cost on to users of the network if necessary. For the moment the college is covering this cost, but this is conditional on reasonable usage by everyone with connections.

The use of anonymous file-sharing software (like Morpheus, Gnutella, Kazaa etc.) is prohibited. If you have a specific need to transfer large amounts of data from outside the University, please consult the Computer Officer on tips of how to avoid generating excess charges. Also note that the Computing Service and the Computer Officer will monitor network traffic (destinations and amounts only; NOT content), and has the discretion to disconnect anyone persistently abusing the service.

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