European Security Governance and Civilian Crisis Management

Darwin College Humanities and Social Sciences Group
Hubertus Jürgenliemk
Entertaining Room, Darwin College
Tuesday, June 9, 2009 - 14:15 to 15:00

The European Union evolved considerably in the last 50 years, its institutions now forming a multi-layered and complex decision-making and governance system. This involved a shift away from the classical hierarchical rule of the state towards a bargaining system with multiple actors. Due to its power in economic and trade negotiations the EU has become a key international actor. Beginning in 1998, it has developed a European Security and Defence Policy that became operational in 2003. Up until now the EU has mandated 23 civilian and military crisis management operations in Europe and beyond, 12 of which are running at the moment. The talk seeks to ascertain to what extent the European institutions developed into a system of European Security Governance. This will be done by way of an analysis of civilian crisis management operations in which EU member states need to coordinate with multiple actors in order to achieve their goals.

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