The Work Meets Life project: How does Work get done?

Darwin College Sciences Group
Prof Robert A. Levin
1 Newnham Terrace, Darwin College
Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 14:10 to 15:00

How does work get done in living systems, at different levels of biological organisation?
Can answers to that question help to us to better understand crucial questions about organisms,
including humans? These are questions posed by Work Meets Life, developed by a group of researchers
from the University of Colorado and the University of Cambridge, including Darwin College, and
covering topics from cellular physiology to information demands in neurons to limits on organisms
investing attention in work tasks.

Our special workshop starts with a lunchtime seminar giving an overview of this biologically
integrative approach, then focuses on the impact of intensive energetic requirements for transmitting
information in neural systems. The regular 15-minute question period will follow the presentation, and
then after a short break, we will have an optional interactive continued discussion, focused on
implications for utilizing this approach in understanding crucial natural sciences research questions –
including you own.

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