Animals in College (ESA)

Requests to bring a registered Emotional Support Animal (ESA) onto Universityand/or College property will not normally be granted but will be considered on a case by case basis.

Decisions to allow (or not to allow) an ESA onto University and/or College property will take into account relevant factors such as the reasons for the request and supporting medical evidence, the health, safety and welfare of members of and visitors to the University and/or the College, arrangements to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the ESA and of other animals, adequacy of training, insurance arrangements, the cost implications of any agreed arrangements and, where appropriate, laboratory requirements, licence conditions and any other relevant considerations.

Any request to bring an ESA onto College property should be made in advance to allow the case to be considered. Any ESA which has not been through the process of approval will be subject to a request for immediate removal.

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