Bath/Shower Rooms

These rooms should be left clean and the floors must be left dry at all times so please always pull the shower curtain closed when showering. Empty shampoo bottles will be removed by housekeeping staff. The Dossil (small blue rubber mat) must remain over the shower drain at all times – this is to prevent blockages. 

Ensuite rooms are descaled and the shower curtains changed by your cleaner in the first week of each month.

Used toilet paper must be flushed down the toilet not put into bins.  Conversely, paper hand towels should be put in the bin, not down the lavatory. Toilet seats are for sitting on; lift them up if you do not wish to use them. Sanitary disposal bins are provided in each property – please do not dispose of sanitary products in waste bins. Toilet tissue is only provided in accommodation on the College site, in the Old Granary and in the Malting House. 

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