You must register your bicycle with the College (via the Porter’s Lodge) so that is it not removed from the premises and disposed of. Bicycles racks are available in the area under the Dining Hall or near the Old Granary/Study Centre. There is also a bicycle shed in the basement of the Old Granary – please ask the Porters for the access code when you register your cycle. Bicycles left elsewhere on College grounds will be removed by the Maintenance team or Porters. Please do not take bicycles into the College gardens, or cycle in College grounds. If you are in accommodation such as Newnham Terrace which has bicycle racks in the front gardens, please use them. Bicycles must not be kept in your rooms or brought inside any College properties.

Please note that the College insurance does not cover bicycles; it is the responsibility of member to have them adequately insured. Since theft of bicycles is common in Cambridge, it is advisable not only to mark them but also to buy - and use! - a strong lock. Take care - cycling in Cambridge can be dangerous. You are urged to wear a cycle helmet and other safety equipment (i.e. reflective belt or jacket), and to make sure your cycle is in good repair, with functioning front & back lights. Cycling at night without lights is against the law and can incur a fine if you are stopped by the Police.

The use of skateboards, scooters or rollerblades is not permitted within College grounds.

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