The Deanery

The Deanery comprises the Dean, Dr Duncan Needham, and the Deputy Deans, Dr Matthew Jones and Dr Sara Baker. They are assisted by two members of staff, Mrs Karen Knight and Dr Catherine Rooney  who are very approachable and can deal with many straightforward enquiries.

In conjunction with the Graduate Tutors, the Deans maintain an oversight of the admission, registration, health, and general welfare of all graduate members and carry out all the functions associated with a Senior Tutor in other Colleges. Although the Faculty/Department and the University as opposed to your college are mainly responsible for your studies, the College is concerned about the welfare of its students. The Dean is aware of the difficulties experienced by Graduates, and is willing to talk to you if you are experiencing problems in getting started or at other times.  All graduate members may see the Dean and the Deputy Deans on any matter (be it academic, financial, welfare, personal, etc.) by appointment through the Deanery Office (see contact details below).

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