Guidlines for Parties in Hostels

These guidelines are useful to avoid problems with the College, your neighbours and flatmates. Darwin College is first and foremost an academic institution and we therefore ask you to think of others before organising a party. Only residents of a hostel may host a party.

The College expects every member to behave in a responsible manner, and to hold parties in accordance with the guidelines below. Please remember that you have colleagues who may be studying and neighbours who may have good reasons for objecting. The host(s) is/are responsible for ensuring that Fire and Safety regulations are fully complied with throughout the event.

Cambridge City Council offers guidelines for parties on its website ( which it is advised you read and consider, as well as adhering to the College guidelines below:

1.     The number of guests at any party is limited to 6 times the number of residents – except in the case of Gwen Raverat House and Frank Young House - where the number of guests must not exceed 60 people.

2.     It is in your own interest to be polite and considerate to neighbours. Therefore please give at least one day’s notice to your neighbours of your intention to hold a party. This might increase their tolerance levels! In addition you should be considerate towards any resident who may have genuine reasons against the holding of a party (e.g. exams, illness, etc.)

3.     Hosts are responsible for cleaning up the residue left after a party and for any intentional/unintentional damage to hostel property. Any extra cleaning or damage costs incurred by the College will be levied on the host or hosts.

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