Kitchen facilities are provided primarily for the preparation of hot drinks and snacks.  The kitchens must be cleaned promptly afterwards. All electrical items in the kitchens must have your room number on or they will be removed. Cooking is not allowed in bedrooms; this includes the use of kettles, toasters, rice cookers and microwaves.

NEVER leave cooking unattended and check that you have SWITCHED OFF the cooker after use.

Do not leave dirty crockery or cutlery around the sink, nor food on cookers and work surfaces. Your cleaner is not responsible for your washing up.  Do not leave rice, pasta, tea leaves and remains of other foods in the sinks or basins – please use the kitchen waste bin provided.

Contract cleaning charges will be made if public areas are left in an unreasonable condition after entertaining. Kitchen rubbish must be removed if the bag is full and replaced with a clean one.

Your accommodation provides a refrigerator and kitchen cupboard storage. Out of date and mouldy foods will be removed regularly from fridges. Any cases of pilferage of others foodstuffs will be treated as theft.

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