All kitchens are provided with a blue or black box for recyclable waste and one bin for landfill waste. Clear signs are provided to say what can and cannot be recycled. You can also take most items for recycling to Recycling Points around the City.  None of the kitchens have compost bins.

If the wrong waste is put in the recycling boxes the Council will not collect the waste so please read the recycling posters carefully. Everything in the recycling boxes must be washed and clean and not put in bags. No foods or liquids should be put in the recycling box (remnants of foods or liquid will attract vermin and insects, as well as smelling, especially in warm weather).

You can recycle the following items in the boxes situated in the kitchens:

Paper – not shredded
Phone books and catalogues
Envelopes (including window envelopes)
Cardboard (broken into small flat pieces – no big boxes)
Tins and cans
Aerosol cans
Glass bottles and jars (with lids removed)
Plastic bottles - including drinks, shampoo and detergent bottles (with lids removed)
Drink soup cartons (e.g. tetra packs)

Lids and caps must be removed and put in the landfill waste bin to enable the bottles and cartons in the recycling box to be sorted correctly.

All broken glass must be wrapped carefully in several layers of newspaper before it is put in the recycling box (or alternatively it should be wrapped carefully and put in a plastic bag in the landfill bin.  This will avoid cuts to students and staff when dealing with the recycling. Be careful not to leave tins with sharp lids sticking out – once the tin is rinsed please fold the lid back into the tin so it does not risk harming anyone.

If you have any questions about, or problems with, recycling in your kitchen please contact either: The Darwin College Green Committee by email on ( or the Housekeeping department (

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