Rents of Rooms and Flats

Rents for College and Hostel rooms include utilities and use of common facilities and range between:

Main College Site                     £86.30 - £129.60 per week

College Hostels                       £82.40 - £124.30 per week

Rents for Flats do not include gas, electricity or internet charges and range from £155.75 to £189.25 per week.

These rates apply to the Academic Year 2015-2016 and are subject to review annually.

License fees for College properties are payable quarterly in advance. Under some limited circumstances, it may be possible to arrange alternative schedules of payment (e.g. installments) within each quarter; this concession must be negotiated personally and individually with the College Accountant, and is entirely at the discretion of the College. Late payment can result in the termination of your tenancy licence, interest charges, and ultimately disciplinary action.

Licenses do not extend beyond 14th September following the date of occupation. The minimum occupation and payment period for a college member seeking a college room or flat is 6 months from the date of occupation. The 6 month minimum occupancy may be reduced if another, previously unaccommodated, member is willing to take on the remaining period of license, and thus no loss of room rental is suffered by the College.

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