Rooms, Flats and Hostels

Please check your room or flat inventory on arrival, any discrepancies must be put in writing to the Accommodation and Conferencing Manager within the first four weeks of occupancy. All residents are responsible for the cleaning of their own accommodation and for ensuring that they leave all public areas clean after use.

If you are in a College room or hostel your rubbish can be left tied up in a bag outside your door before 9.00am on Monday to Friday mornings for your cleaner to collect.  Outside those times you should take your rubbish to the nearest waste bin.

If your room has a shower or sink then you are expected to clean them on a weekly basis. Hoovers are available to use and must be returned to the appropriate landing/corridor after use, with the wire rewound and ensuring that all corridors and fire exits are kept clear. All residents are responsible for leaving their room, and any public accommodation they share, clean.

Please note – if you do not clean your room before going on vacation, or if you do not clean and clear your room before handing back your keys, housekeeping charges will be placed on your College account – a list of these charges is available from the Housekeeping Office.

There is a strict ‘no smoking’ policy throughout the College buildings – this includes bedrooms.

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