What is Special about Darwin


Darwin is a post-graduate College: the majority of our students are reading for Masters or PhD degrees. Darwin provides an international community in which graduate students, postdoctoral workers, senior visitors, and College Fellows can interact with colleagues across a broad spectrum of research interests.

Darwin, like most Cambridge Colleges, is co-educational and has almost no restrictions on the subjects of study. It has 45 Professorial and Official Fellows, including a Master (the Head of House elected by the Fellows), most of whom are University Teaching Officers in their subjects. There are also about 20 Research Fellows. The Adrian and Finley Research Fellowships are stipendiary, and in addition 4 to 6 non-stipendiary Research Fellows are elected each year.

The College has almost 700 students and a striking feature of the College is that approximately 70% of the students come from some 75 overseas countries. Darwin also has Associate Members, who are usually academic visitors from abroad, and Research Associates who work in the different Departments of the University.

A particular aim of the College is to broaden the experience of the students, and activities for this purpose are co-ordinated by the Education and Research Committee. Two academic groups, one focused on Arts & Humanities and the other on Sciences, organise seminars, lectures, colloquia and field trips outside Cambridge.

As with all Cambridge Colleges, Darwin is legally constituted under a Royal Charter and governed by its Statutes and Ordinances. These define in full just what the College does. Current copies of the Darwin College Ordinances and Statutes are available on the College website.

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