Space 2001


16th Annual Darwin College Lecture Series 2001


Fridays at 5.30 p.m.
The Lady Mitchell Hall
Sidgwick Avenue


19 January

Inner Space

Susan Greenfield
(Department of Pharmacology, Oxford)

26 January

Space and Language

Karen Emmorey
(Salk Institute, California)

2 February

Architectural Space

Daniel Libeskind

9 February

Virtual Space

Char Davies

16 February

Mapping Space

Lisa Jardine
(School of English, University London)

23 February

International Space

Neal Ascherson

2 March

Outer Space

John Barrow
(Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge)

9 March

Exploring Space

Jeffrey Hoffman
(NASA, Paris)

The lectures are given at 5.30 p.m. in The Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick Avenue. An adjacent overflow theatre is provided with live TV coverage. Each lecture is typically attended by 600 people, and it is advisable to arrive around half an hour early to ensure a place. The lectures will be published as a book within the Darwin Series by CUP in early 2002.

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