Sustainable Power


Mary Archer

World energy consumption is increasing inexorably as developing countries aspire to the living standards of the developed world. But the growth in fossil fuel consumption places the global climate at risk, oil depletion looms in the medium term, and more sustainable alternatives must be developed to power tomorrow's world. Fortunately, increased energy efficiency, novel energy storage technologies, advanced fuel conversion technologies and a rich range of emergent renewable technologies hold out the promise of more sustainable power in future energy supplies.



Dr. Mary Archer is a scientist specialising in the direct conversion of solar energy to chemical fuels or electric power. Amongst her many contributions to academic and public life, Dr Archer is President of the National Energy Foundation, which promotes energy efficiency; Visiting Professor at Imperial College Centre for Energy Policy and Technology; Vice-Chairman of Addenbrooke's NHS Trust; and has served on the DTI Energy Advisory Panel and as a Trustee of the Science Museum. Dr Archer is a Companion of the Institute of Energy and was Chairman of the National Energy Foundation from 1988 to 2000.

Mary Archer obtained her PhD in physical chemistry at Imperial College, London. She spent 10 years as Official Fellow and College Lecturer in Chemistry at Newnham College, Cambridge, and Lector in Chemistry at Trinity College, Cambridge. She is editor of a series of books published by Imperial College Press on Photoconversion of Solar Energy, with titles including Clean Electricity from Photovoltaics andMolecular to Global Photosynthesis.

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