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How to request changes

All requests for changes to the Darwin website, or enquiries about website policy, should be sent to the address webmaster@darwin.cam.ac.uk. Your message will be forwarded automatically to whoever currently holds the posts listed below.

It would help if you could report the actual address of the page that needs to be changed - you can see the address near the top of your web browser window, as in the following picture:

Who are the support staff?

  • Front-line support is provided by the Student Webmasters. In June 2014 this post was held by Niall Murphy
  • Website policy and long-term planning is the responsibility of the college Information Architect. In June 2009 this post was held by Alan Blackwell.
  • Technical support of the server, including software installation, capacity planning and backup, is carried out by the IT Manager. In June 2009 this post was held by Espen Koht.
  • The Alumni pages are maintained by a representative of the Darwin College Society. In June 2009 Alex Smeets was coordinating these pages.
  • The "Student life" pages are maintained by the Darwin College Students' Association. In June 2009 the DCSA Communications Officer was Greg Jordan.


If you would like to help maintain the College website, your assistance is very welcome. Please contact any of the people listed above. Paid positions are often available for students to work as student webmasters.

Outstanding changes


Outstanding work remains to be done so that the website fully complies with the University accessibility guidelines for websites.

  • Modification of styles heets to use relative font sizes
  • Future navigation change

Documentation for the Webmasters

In order to maintain continuity between generations of webmaster, they maintain their own online documentation on the main aspects of the site.

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