Darwin College Music Society

The DCMS was (re)started in 2009 as a musical forum for members of Darwin College. No matter what kind of music you're interested in, be it rock, choir or chamber orchestra, we're here to get you connected with other like-minded musicians at the college.

The Darwin College Music Society Committee works with the College’s Director of Music to organize musical activities and events during the term. The Director of Music and the Committee publicise the events, book venues, make the programmes, set up the room and generally oversee the concert on the day. Anyone is welcome to contact the Committee at any time with ideas for musical events and we endeavour to help in any way we can!

New members are warmly welcome, as our Society is still gaining momentum! The Committee generally meets once a term to discuss the plans for the coming term and how the Society could continue to foster musical activities in the college. If you would like to become a Member of the Society and receive our emails about musical events, sign up on our website www.darwinmusic.net.

If you want to play an official role in the running of the Society, please email  committee@darwinmusic.net  and we’ll tell you more about the available positions!

For more information:

Darwin College Choir

The Darwin College Choir is an enthusiastic group of students who enjoy making music together. The Choir sings in a variety of musical styles and welcomes members with all levels of experience in choral singing. If you are interested in singing, accompanying, or directing the choir, please contact Ariana at asp38@cam.ac.uk or come along to a rehearsal. Hope to see you soon!

Jam sessions

DCMS owns several electric guitars, bass guitars and amps, together with a full drum set, congas, a keyboard and mics. Once or twice a week, this equipment is brought to the Common Room for Jam Sessions: for two hours, anyone can come by with his/her own instrument or pick one up and enjoy playing together with other Darwinians.

These sessions are also an opportunity for people to form bands, which could ultimately perform during Open Mic nights or even Darwin College May Ball! As bands form throughout the year, the jam sessions will progressively be turned into rehearsing slots. Don’t forget to sign up on our website or on Facebook to learn about the next Jam Session!

Open Mic Nights

Once a term, the Music Society organises an Open Mic night open to all college members: everyone is welcome to come on stage and perform in front of a friendly audience! The past Open Mic nights have been great to discover the hidden talents of the college, and we had the chance to enjoy a wide variety of music styles, from folk songs to sitar, from jazz piano solo to rock band, from ukulele/voice solo acts to rap. If you are interested in performing in the next Open Mic night email us at events@darwinmusic.net and we’ll keep you informed as soon as it takes shape!

Music equipment

We have a range of equipment available to members of the DCMS and organise jam sessions, concerts and social events at college. For more information see http://www.darwinmusic.net/index.php/equipment/

Pianos in college

Darwin college has four pianos: two uprights, one in the Common Room and the other in the Old Library, an electronic piano in the Old Library, and a grand piano in the Dining Hall. The pianos are tuned once a term. If you have any queries about the instruments please contact the committee@darwinmusic.net

The piano in the Common Room can be used by any college members for casual use as long as no other activities are taking place in that room. The pianos in the Dining Hall and Old Library can be used by arrangement at any time except when the hall is used for meals or the Old Library for meetings.

It is possible to reserve practice sessions on the pianos in the Old Library and the Dining Room in advance. This can be booked through the Domestic Bursar’s Secretary (phone: 335661, email: domestic.bursars.secretary@darwin.cam.ac.uk). Keys for the rooms may be obtained from the Porters’ Lodge, and must be returned before 11.30pm.

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