Application for Student Room

We will be holding our regular single occupancy accommodation waiting list for the next academic year (24th September 2018 - 31st August 2019).

To apply, please complete the application form below between 00:00am on15th June and 11.59pm on 31st July, any applications before or after these dates or incomplete applications will NOT count. We can not guarantee that there will be any accommodation available for anyone other than New Members.

Those currently on the ballot waiting list should still apply to this waiting list, as anyone only on the ballot waiting list will only be eliglbe for a room if a student drops out from one of the already assigned rooms in the ballot.

The results of the waiting list will only be available after Monday 6th August 2018, which will then be sent out to all applicants via email, until this date we can not give any accurate information on the waiting list to any applicants.

After the results have been announced we would appreciate a quick acknowledgement that the room is still required. This would helps us allocate any rooms not needed to those on the waiting list who we were not able to accommodate.

Any available rooms will be allocated after the allocation of the New Members and can not be chosen and preferences can not be guaranteed. Priority will be given following the waiting list part of the attached policy (section 7 - 14).PDF icon


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