Patrick Sissons Evelyn Trust Research Fellowship in Infection and Immunity

In memory of Professor Sir Patrick Sissons MD, FRCP, FRCPath, FMedSci. (1945-2016), Darwin College is seeking to elect a stipendiary Research Fellow.  Patrick Sissons was the leader of the University of Cambridge’s Clinical School as Regius Professor of Physic (2005–2012) following his service as Head of the Department of Medicine (1993-2005). He was a dedicated Fellow of Darwin College.  A gifted physician he led the development of the clinical specialty of infectious disease, carried out groundbreaking research into virus infections in patients with impaired immunity, and earlier in his career into immune-mediated kidney disease. The fellowship is generously supported by a major grant from the Evelyn Trust.

The Research Fellowship is available for research into any aspects of infection and immunity, excluding work on live animals by:

An outstanding researcher who is completing, or who has recently completed, their PhD Degree.  Such candidates should normally have completed in total not more than seven years of research since the start of their doctorate by 1 October 2018.  The starting stipend would be not less that Point 27 on the Darwin College Single Salary spine (currently £21,229) subject to an annual increment and cost-of-living uplift.
A clinician scientist at junior or intermediate PI level who wishes to take time to focus on research through a buy-out of some NHS clinical time.  Such a candidate should normally be within 3 years of establishing their laboratory by October 2018.

The Patrick Sissons Evelyn Trust Research Fellow will engage in research in his or her special subject within the field of Infection and Immunity.  The Fellow will be a member of the Governing Body of Darwin College and will be subject to the Statutes and Ordinances of the College.  The Statutes include the obligation to reside in or near Cambridge, for at least two-thirds of each University term, but the Governing Body will normally excuse absences made necessary by the nature of the research undertaken. The Fellow is obliged to submit periodic reports of the progress of his or her research to the Evelyn Trust.

The Fellowship is tenable for three years, with effect from 1 October 2018. 

The starting stipend for the Patrick Sissons Evelyn Trust Research Fellow with a PhD will be set at not less than Point 27 on the Darwin College Single Salary spine (currently £21,229), subject to an annual cost-of-living uplift and to annual increments (the third year stipend at current rates would be £22,802). The stipend will be subject to a 10% reduction for any pre-PhD appointee.
The support for the Patrick Sissons Evelyn Trust Research Fellow who is a clinical scientist and ‘buying-out’ some clinical time will be by arrangement depending on individual and financial circumstances.

Membership of the Universities’ Superannuation Scheme is optional. The stipend of Research Fellows who are in receipt of financial support from other sources will be by arrangement.  Limited rented accommodation may be available for which a charge at normal (subsidised) college rates will be made. A non-pensionable additional allowance of £2,000 per annum (subject to annual review) will be paid if the Research Fellow is not resident in College.  In addition, the Research Fellow will be entitled to dine and lunch free of charge at the normal College table whenever meals are served (up to a limit of seven meals in each week).  Guests, not normally exceeding two in number on any one occasion, may be entertained at lunch or dinner, ten of them free of charge within any quarter (note termly guest nights with a special menu are subject to charge).  No bench fees will be paid.  An allowance of up to £1,000 a year will be available for receipted travel and research expenses. A further £500 a year available as a subsidy for conferences mounted in the College (paid at the discretion of the Fellowships and Finance Committees). 

Applications should be submitted here by 7 February 2018 and must include  (a) curriculum vitae; (b) an account, in not more than 500 words, of the proposed research and the background to it; (c) an assurance that, where necessary, appropriate research arrangements have been made; (d) the names and emails of two referees who will also need to submit a reference online  by 7 February 2018, and (e) a list of published or unpublished work that would be available for submission if requested. In February selected candidates will be invited to submit copies of written work and may then be called for interview at Darwin College, or by Skype, in March/ April 2018. Election will be made as soon as possible thereafter.

The College follows an equal opportunities policy.

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