Edited by Patricia Kruth and Henry Stobart

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000, pp. 235.
ISBN: 0521-57209 6 hardback.

Available from CUP online. Discounted copies, available to Darwin College members only, may be ordered from the Master's Secretary.

The first eight chapters of this volume are revised versions of the lectures given in 1997 in the twelfth annual series of Darwin College Lectures.

Patricia Kruth and Henry Stobart
Patricia Kruth is a former Fellow of Darwin College and Director of the French Cultural Delegation in Cambridge. She is now a researcher in Film and a professeur agrégé of English.
Henry Stobart is a former Adrian Research Fellow of darwin College. He is now a lecturer in Ethnomusicology at the Royal Holloway College, University of London.
1 Re-Sounding Silences
Philip Peek
Professor of Anthropology, Drew University, New Jersey, USA
2 The Physics of Sound
Charles Taylor
Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Wales
3 Hearing
Jonathan Ashmore
Bernard Katz Professor of Biophysics, University College London
4 Sounds Natural: The Song of Birds
Peter Slater
Kennedy Professor of Natural History and Dean of the Faculty of Science, University of St Andrews
5 The Sounds of Speech
Peter Ladefoged
Emeritus Professor of Phonetics, University of California, Los Angeles
6 Ancestral Voices
Christopher Page
Reader in Medieval Music and Literature, University of Cambridge
7 Shaping Sound
Brian Ferneyhough
Composer, and Professor of Music, University of California, San Diego
8 Sound Worlds
Steven Field
Professor of Anthropology, New York University
9 Audio-Vision and Sound
Michael Chion
Writer, researcher, composer, Associate Professor, University of Paris III
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