The Old Granary

The Old Granary is a Grade II listed building with its main entrance on Silver Street and an internal entrance from the College garden. The building has extraordinary character: built in the early nineteenth century, it has been remodelled from its beginnings as a functional granary, becoming residential accommodation at the end of that century.  It was also part of the Darwin residence from the time of Professor Sir George Darwin on.

Its appearance from the outside is matched inside with rooms of varying sizes and many original features. There are superb views of the Mill Pond from many of the bedrooms. 

The Old Granary contains eight rooms (seven en suite and one with its own shower room) sharing two kitchens and two dining areas.


Room No Room Size Basin Shower Grade/Price Band Weekly Rent* Additional information
1 22.7 m2 A1 £182.28 Upper Ground Floor, River side
2 23 m2 A1 £182.28 Upper Ground Floor, River side
3 16.4 m2 A1 £172.27 First Floor, Road side
4 28.7 m2 A1 £192.22 First Floor, Balcony, Seperate shower room, Overlooking river
5 39.8 m2 A1 £207.27 First Floor, Balcony, Two rooms, Overlooking river
6 21 m2 A1 £182.28 Top Floor, Road side
7 20.9 m2 A1 £182.28 Top Floor, River side
8 28.2 m2 A1 £192.22 Top Floor, Overlooking river
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