Alumni In-Person Events and Alumni Zoom Events 2023

Invitations will be sent out to the relevant groups before the event. However, all alumni can attend any of these events, please email and we will send you details. Please keep checking in as more events will be listed when confirmed.

In Person Events:

Friday 17th March:

DCS and Fellowship Reunion Dinner 

Friday 12th May:

Reunion Dinner (1975-87 & 1997-2007) 

Friday 19th May:          

Combined Former Fellows Dinner & Guest Night 

Friday 16th June:

DCS & Fellowship Reunion Dinner 

Sunday 24th September

Alumni Garden Party 


Alumni Zoom Events Series:

More Alumni Zoom Talks to be announced soon...




Previous Alumni Events Series Talks:

Below is a list of talks which have taken place. If you would like a recording of any of these events, please email

‘Did Biden's Election Save U.S. Democracy?’ Jennifer Piscopo (Associate Professor, Occidental College)
'Marginalized and Underserved Populations, COVID 19 and Health Inequities.' Anne Andermann (Associate Professor, McGill University)
'The Future of Democratic Policing.' Lawrence Sherman (Emeritus Professor of Criminology, University of Cambridge)
'The Internet of Things: What Everyone Needs to Know.' Scott Shackelford (Associate Professor, Indiana University)  
'Antarctic Tourism – its Impacts and Benefits.' David Macdonald (Emeritus Professor, University of Aberdeen)
'Understanding how COVID-19 vaccines work: Challenges and Opportunities.' Ann Ager (Professor, Cardiff University)
'Too Important to be left to Lawyers: Rule of Law for International Development.' Arthur Graham (Head of the Rule of Law and Human Rights Department, OSCE Mission to Serbia)
'The Fork in the Road: Can the US Sharply Reduce its Dependence on Oil and Gas?' Ned Farquhar (Former Deputy Assistant Secretary (land and minerals management), US Department of the Interior)
'Methane Emissions: Wetlands, Gas leaks, Coal, Fires and Cows (and a few hippos, buffalo, and camels)'  Euan Nisbet (Professor Professor of Earth Sciences at Royal Holloway and alumnus and Honorary Fellow of Darwin).
'The evolutionary origins of human society: lessons from the gorillas'. Robin Morrison (Postdoctoral Researcher at The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International).