Leaving a Legacy to Darwin College

Darwin College is one of the most international of all Cambridge Colleges, regularly drawing students from more than 80 countries worldwide. College graduates occupy senior positions in many walks of life - academe, medicine, law, industry, media and the Church. We like to hope that the College's multicultural and inter-disciplinary atmosphere has served them well in their chosen careers.

Remembering the college in your Will offers you a chance to ensure future generations of Darwinians will be able to benefit equally from this unique setting. Leaving a legacy, of whatever size, contributes to maintaining the special educational environment at Darwin and helps to reinforce its position as a centre of excellence for postgraduate research and the first-choice graduate college at Cambridge.

Sometimes, people would like to make a gift in their lifetime, but cannot because of current financial commitments or future financial responsibilities. By arranging to leave a legacy to the college, however, you still have the opportunity to make a real difference without affecting your family's financial security. The college's charitable status means the full value of your legacy gift is received as the donation is exempt from tax. Additionally, any legacy left to Darwin College can reduce the inheritance tax liability on your estate.

There are various ways to make a bequest to Darwin College:

Residuary Bequest

A residuary bequest gifts the remainder of your estate, after all other bequests have been made and any charges met.

Reversionary or Contingent Bequest

A contingent bequest leaves your assets to a named beneficiary (for example, your spouse of other dependent) for their lifetime, with the whole or a proportion of the remainder reverting to the College only after their death.

Monetary or Pecuniary Bequest

A pecuniary bequest gifts a fixed sum of money to the College. However, the value of these legacies decreases over time as costs of living rise - so your gift may not eventually provide what was originally intended. This type of bequest is usually linked to RPI as a consequence.

A Specific or Non-monetary Bequest

A non-monetary bequest allows you to leave shares, property, stocks, pictures, or furniture to the College, under the terms, say, that they be retained in perpetuity, or possibly that they should be sold when advantageous, to provide funds for specific purposes.

If you decide to make a bequest to Darwin, we strongly recommend you obtain independent legal advice. Nevertheless, if you would like to discuss your thoughts or intentions confidentially first, please contact the Development Director.

More information on leaving a legacy to Darwin College (including suggested wording for each of the bequest methods outlined) is available in our handy guide!


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