Darwin College is pleased to consider applications from students wishing to study for any postgraduate degree.  Darwin is a wholly postgraduate college and does not admit students studying for undergraduate degrees.  Darwin admits students from all over the world and at present over 75 different countries are represented in our student body.  If you would like to speak to a current member or a Darwinian in your area about the College, please email the Dean at djn33@cam.ac.uk.

Admission criteria

In general, the admission criteria of Darwin College are the same as those imposed by the Department of the University you wish to join.  In other words, if you are offered a place by the Department, normally you will also have met the academic criteria used by the College.  Please remember that Darwin gives preference to those students who nominate Darwin as their first or second choice college.  Please also remember that the earlier you apply, the better are your chances of securing admission.

*Darwin does not currently admit MASts in Astrophysics, Materials Science and Physics.


The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020.  Students from the European Union starting courses in the 2020/21 academical year will continue to be eligible for home fee status.

EU (except Irish nationals living in the UK or Ireland), other EEA and Swiss nationals will no longer be eligible for home fee status for courses starting in the academical year 2021/22.   

Further information is provided here: https://www.postgraduate.study.cam.ac.uk/finance/fees

Admission procedure

Postgraduate students wishing to come to Darwin must first be accepted by a Department of the University.  Applications for admission to University Departments are handled by the Postgraduate Admissions Office. There are a few applications for Graduate Membership which are not handled by the Postgraduate Admissions Office and these are listed in the Cambridge Admissions Prospectus. Once you have been offered a place in a Department, the Postgraduate Admissions Office will send your application papers to the College which you have nominated as your first choice. If that College does not offer you membership, your papers go to your second choice College.  After that the Postgraduate Admissions Office will direct your application to a third College which is determined by a complicated set of criteria. Please remember that once you have been successful in obtaining a place in a Department, the University guarantees to find you a College, though this may not be one that you have chosen yourself.

An offer of membership by Darwin College is conditional on you fulfilling all academic and financial conditions laid down by the Postgraduate Admissions Office in their offer to you.

Visiting students

Darwin welcomes applications from graduate students who are visiting Cambridge as part of their studies elsewhere, particularly overseas.  Persons seeking membership as Visiting Members should apply directly to the Dean, djn33@cam.ac.uk.

Further Information and contact addresses

For further information email: deanery@darwin.cam.ac.uk

Or write to: The Deanery, Darwin College, Silver Street, Cambridge CB3 9EU.