The Changing World


Edited by Patricia Fara, Peter Gathercole and Ronald Laski

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996, pp. vi+200.
ISBN: 0521-56235-X hardback.

Available from CUP online. Discounted copies, available to Darwin College members only, may be ordered from the Master's Secretary.

This volume contains revised versions of the lectures given in 1994 in the ninth annual series of Darwin College Lectures.

Patricia Fara, Peter Gathercole and Ronald Laski
Patricia Fara is a Fellow of Darwin College
Peter Gathercole is an Emeritus Fellow of Darwin College
Ronald Laski is the Charles Darwin Professor of Embryology, University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of Darwin College
1 Change in South Africa
Desmond Tutu
Archbishop of Cape Town
2 Human Rights
Helena Kennedy
3 Religious Fundamentalism in Contemporary Politics
Fred Halliday
Professor of International Relations, London School of Economics
4 The Genetic Revolution
Kay Davies
Professor of Genetics, Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford
5 The AIDS Pandemic
Roy Anderson
Linacre Professor of Zoology, University of Oxford
6 Environmental Security
Sara Parkin
Director, Forum for the Future
7 The Role of the United Nations
Crispin Tickell
Warden, Green College, Oxford
8 Europe
Shirley Williams
Professor of Elective Politics, Harvard University
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