Darwin College Society Bumps Dinner

Alumni Reunion Dinner for years 1964-75 & 1984-1991

DCBC Lent Bumps Supper (provisional)

Former Fellows' Buffet Lunch

Education & Research Committee

Reunion Dinner (1964-75 & 1984-1991)

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Strategic Planning Committee

Supervisors' Evening 6 (if required)

Nominations Committee

Education & Research Committee

Combined Former Fellows Dinner & Guest Night

Finance Committeee (Investments)

General Admission (BA/LLM degrees)

DCS Bumps Event (provisional)

DCBC Bumps Supper (provisional)

Reporting from Extreme Environments - Lyse Doucet, BBC

Nominations Committee Meeting

Did a Frenchman translate the King James Bible?

DCS Ascension Burial Ground & Cambridge Alphabet Museum

Alumni Reunion Dinner Edinburgh

ISIS and the battle for the heart of the Middle East: Towards a non-state theory of war

Extreme Ageing - Professor Sarah Harper, University of Oxford

Extreme Politics - Professor Matthew Goodwin, University of Kent

Reporting from Extreme Environments

Regional identity and state formation in the ancient world: the case of Epirus

How to… balance study/career and children

What makes them tick? Understanding parasitism in the genomic era.

Beyond the battlefield – New Frontiers in Cancer Research

Neutrinos in Seven Questions

The Partition of India and Migration

Alumni Reunion Dinner in Vancouver hosted by the Master

Alumni Reunion Dinner in San Francisco hosted by the Master

Alumni Reunion Dinner in Los Angeles hosted by the Master

Artificial Happiness and Machine Unintelligence

Change In China's Banking Sector as an Evolution of Institutions

The Brazilian Food-Energy-Water Nexus: policy integration challenges in a complex system

Values in science and classifying the chemical elements

Can we predict the course of Crohn's disease?

A Spatial Modeling Approach for Linguistic Object Data: Analysing dialect sound variations across Great-Britain

Characterization of Internet Censorship from Multiple Perspectives

Alumni and Fellows Guest Night

Education & Research Committee

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Information Services Committee

Finance Committee (Investments)

Education & Research Committee

Governing Body Annual Meeting

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Education & Research Committee

Cambridge Postgraduate Open Day

Information Services Committee

Education & Research Committee

General Admission (BA degrees)

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Education & Research Committee

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Information Services Committee

Education & Research Committee

Strategic Planning Committee

Buildings & Grounds Committee

DCBC Bumps Supper (provisional)

DCS Bumps Event (provisional)

Combined Former Fellows Dinner & Guest Night

Combined DCS Dinner & Formal Hall

DCBC Lent Bumps Supper (provisional)

Combined Former Fellows Dinner & Formal Hall

Combined DCS Dinner & Fellows Guest Night

Did high levels of morphological flexibility facilitate colonisation of novel habitats during human evolution?

How is continuous experience transformed into discrete memories?

Molecular Origin of Capacity Fade in Sodium Ion Batteries

Alumni Reunion Dinner New York

WikiFactMine: Scientific Knowledge for Everyone

Alzheimer’s Disease: The story so far

Graphene for ultrafast lasers

DNA-repairing proteins: View of a structural biologist

Multimodal driver displays, autonomous car handovers, and inclusiveness

The Western just war tradition, the ethics of collateral damage, and Thomas Aquinas's opposition to killing the innocent

The Myth of the First City in the Earlier Middle Ages

From Symbols to Icons: The return of resemblance in the cognitive neuroscience revolution

Public construction procurement before regulation: A case study from Sweden

It’s all giving and taking: money and its (societal) values in the course of time

Self Euthanasia: Suicide as a Uniquely Human Phenomenon

Translating Science in Colonial North India, c.1890-1950

Positioning the Intellectual: Žižek as a Sociological Phenomenon

Darwin College Society Local Heritage Event 'Cambridge between the Wars. Talk by Mike Petty

Law and Finance alumni - Supreme Court

Alumni Reunion Dinner San Francisco

Distributed Ledger technology: beyond the block chain hype

Alumni Drinks Reception Washington DC

Did high levels of morphological flexibility facilitate colonisation of novel habitats during human evolution?

Automated modelling of industrial plants

Antibiotic resistance: The search for novel Lipoteichoic acid Synthase inhibitors

Water Sensitive Urban Design for Cities of the Future

Tuberculosis, Cancer & Gout: Archaeolgical evidence of disease from Medieval Cambridge

Echo mapping the gravitational potential well of black holes

Does inflammation contribute to Pregnancy Associated Breast Cancer?

A google maps for biology: single cell genetic characterization goes spatial

Reading Across Confessional Lines: Jewish Readership of Muslim Sufi Poetry in Cairo, 1171-1250

Monopoly through Oligopoly – Modern Competition Law

Anglo-Ottoman encounter in the Age of the Beloveds

Train and equip: British overseas security assistance in the Cold War Global South

Child Kingship from a Comparative Perspective: Boy Kings in England, Scotland, France, and Germany, 1050-1250

Mandatory Madness: Colonial Psychiatry and British Mandate Palestine, 1920-48

Electoral intrigue, ethnic politics and the vibrancy of the Kenyan public sphere

On the climate change conversation

Auckland, New Zealand, alumni drinks

Christchurch New Zealand, alumni drinks

Alumni Reunion Dinner Kuala Lumpur

Hong Kong Alumni Reunion Dinner

DCS Combined Dinner and Formal Hall

Darwin College Society - Royston Caves

Alumni Reunion Dinner - Singapore

Alumni Drinks with Master - Wellington, NZ

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