The Fragile Environment


Edited by Laurie Friday and Ronald Laskey

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1989, pp. x+198
ISBN: 0521-36337-3 hardback; 0521-42266-3 paperback

Available from CUP online. Discounted copies, available to Darwin College members only, may be ordered from the Master's Secretary.

This volume contains revised versions of the lectures given in 1987 in the second annual series of Darwin College Lectures.

It has been translated into Italian as Il Fragile Ambiente, published by Edizioni Dedalo, Bari.

1 The changing human impact
Andrew Goudie
Department of Geography, University of Oxford
2 The future of forests
Norman Myers
Journalist and environmental consultant
3 Attitudes to animals
Marian Stamp Dawkins
Department of Zoology, University of Oxford
4 How many species
Robert May
Professor of Zoology, Princeton University
5 Famine
Roger Whitehead
Director, Dunn Nutrition Unit, Cambridge
6 Exhaustible resources
Partha Dasgupta
Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge
7 Changing climates
Bert Bolin
Professor of Meteorology, University of Stockholm
8 Observing earth's atmosphere from space
Gordon Wells
Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, Texas
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