Barbecue/Island Booking


Barbecues are not allowed within College accommodation or in hostels but you can book the DCSA barbecue for use on the First (small) Island, in the area to the left of the bridge. Island bookings are usually taken from 1st May to 30th October, depending on weather conditions.

Booking forms and the terms of conditions of use for the Island & DCSA barbecue can be found on the DCSA website

To check availability and confirm your booking please email the Catering and Events Assistant

The Island can only be booked by a current member or alumni of Darwin College, and the member should be present on the Island throughout the booking. One time slot per person may be booked each day – from either: 15.00 to 18.00 or from 18.00 to 21.00 (or until dark, whichever is sooner) on weekdays. At weekends an additional slot from 12.00 noon to 15.00 is available.

The maximum capacity for the Island is 50 people. There is no charge for current members hosting a private party, however bookings for University departments, societies or private companies incur a hire charge (see below).

FIRST ISLAND & BARBECUE COSTS (for a three hour slot)



Fellows and Current Members hosting a private party



Darwin College Society






University Department or Society (must be booked by a Darwinian)



Company Private Use (must be booked by a Darwinian)




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