College Conduct

The College is an international community of scholars whose members are admitted without discrimination irrespective of nationality, gender or subject of study.  The Governing Body expects all members to uphold the good standing of the College as a place of education, learning and research, and to obey the Master's decision on all matters within her authority.

The College hopes all members will make full use of the lunching and dining facilities provided by the College; members are encouraged to dine in College at least once a week during Full Term. Academic Gowns should be worn to Formal Hall Dinners, Guest Nights and Official Dinners.

In general, the College is run with as little internal regulation and as few rules as are necessary for the general comfort and wellbeing of all.  However, as the Vice Masters and Dean are responsible for discipline, it is appropriate that certain guidelines should be followed.  Where relevant, these guidelines also apply when using social media.

1.     Every graduate member is entitled to a private life, and there is a genuine desire to stay out of personal matters unless the member concerned would like help.  On the other hand, if asked to help, the Vice Masters, Dean and their staff will do all they can to provide confidential assistance.

2.     It is important that members do not disturb the lives of others.  There are many ways in which this can arise.  Noisy parties for example, that go on until the early hours, or loud music played privately during the night, can disturb the sleep of members in adjacent rooms, or neighbours near to College hostels.  Communal facilities, such as kitchens, must be kept clean and tidy by those who use them. (See also Guidelines for Parties in Hostels, p. 15)

3.     College rooms are provided for the sole use of the occupants; long-term sharing is not allowed. Occasional overnight guests are permitted – please do not abuse this dispensation.  The Guest book which is kept in the Porters’ Lodge must be signed on each occasion to comply with fire regulations. (See also Guests in Your Room, p. 8)

4.     It is College policy that, when members become involved with the civil or criminal law, the College will intervene only in exceptional circumstances.

5.     The Vice Masters and Dean will not excuse any physical action directed against College staff, other members, or College or personal property, and will take appropriate action as required.  Fortunately, since its foundation, Darwin has been largely free from unpleasant episodes of this type.

6.     Following a DCSA campaign and referendum, Darwin has adopted a no-smoking policy throughout the College which also includes all student accommodation.

The Vice Masters and Dean hope that all members will endorse these principles as fair and reasonable.  They are always willing to discuss their application with any member.

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