College Rooms, Hostels and Flats

There is accommodation for 114 members in the main body of the College. Some rooms on site have river views whilst the remaining rooms either overlook Queens' Meadow with Silver Street intervening, or have garden views. Many have their own hand basins and telephone points. The rooms in Newnham Grange, the Rayne Building and the Old Granary have IT connections. The College also operates a wireless network system to enable other areas of the accommodation to access the network with appropriate equipment. There are shared kitchen (Gyp Room) facilities for all rooms. The majority of College accommodation has shared bathroom facilities, with a very limited number having private showers. A further 160 graduates can be housed in rooms in College hostels offsite.

There are22 self-contained flats for couples, in nearby accommodation owned or leased by the College. A small number may be suitable for families with one child. Basic kitchen equipment is provided in some of the flats, but bed linen and towels are not provided by the College.

Residents in all accommodation will find it useful to have some crockery and cooking utensils, etc. for their own use. Each group of rooms has access to an ironing board. A copy of an inventory is left in all accommodation for new residents to report discrepancies within 4 weeks of arrival.

No animals may be kept in, or brought into, the College, Hostels or Lodgings without permission in writing from the College.

The allocation of particular rooms, types of rooms, and locations is determined by the Accommodation Manager. Where possible this will take into account any personal preferences that members have expressed; however, the overriding consideration is to offer some form of college accommodation to the maximum number of members.

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