Electrical Equipment


All appliances used in College properties (inc. kitchens) should conform to a British Standard and should be PAT tested before use. If you are unsure of whether any electrical equipment you have conforms to this standard please speak to the Clerk of Works. The College arranges PAT testing to be carried out in October on all electrical appliances, including student owned equipment. The Maintenance Department will issue details of PAT testing arrangements. The College reserves the right to remove unsafe electrical items from student accommodation

Students who purchase electrical equipment after the October PAT testing week are to contact the Clerk of Works to arrange PAT testing of that equipment. A charge may be levied for this testing.

Items such as fridges & freezers (in addition to those supplied by the College), microwaves, hobs or rice cookers are not permitted in individual rooms. Washing and drying (condensing) machines are allowed in certain areas subject to prior permission from the Clerk of Works.

Square electrical adaptors are no longer legal for use in College properties – 4-way extensions are allowed but Fire Regulations ban multiple usage (i.e. extensions plugged into extensions). If you are travelling from overseas, you are advised to bring the minimum of personal electrical equipment because it may not conform to British Standards. This applies to leads, adaptors and plugs as much as to appliances

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