Fire Safety

Please make sure you understand the fire instructions in your College accommodation and familiarise yourself with your nearest escape routes and your assembly point. 

If you discover a fire, sound the Fire Alarm immediately by pushing the ‘break glass’ on a call point and evacuate the building. Inform the Porters’ Lodge (Tel: (3) 35660 and report to the assembly point. Only attempt to put out the fire if it is safe to do so; do not put yourself or others at risk. 

All corridors, stairwells, landings etc, must be kept clear at all times, any items found in these areas will be removed immediately (only the hoover and ironing board are allowed to be stored in the designated area). Door closers are not to be disconnected and fire doors must never be wedged open.

It is a criminal offence under UK law to tamper with or disable fire-alarm equipment or fire extinguishers.


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