Licence Fee Calculation

1. Licence fees for College study-bedrooms are calculated as follows:

a. the total floor area of the room, including en-suite facilities, is measured, classified and give the consequent base rent:
(1) Grade A rooms have a floor area of 16m2 or greater,
(2) Grade B rooms have a floor area of greater than 12m2 but less than 16m2 and
(3) Grade C rooms have a floor area of less than 12m2;
b. a numeric suffix to the grade is added by examining subjectively the room’s facilities and calculating an average:
(1) Location:
(a) Grade 1: on Domus
(b) Grade 2: properties that are close to Domus (eg, Gwen Raverat House, Newnham Road or the Malting House
(c) Grade 3: properties that are more than a brief walk from Domus (5 Wordsworth Grove and beyond),

(2) Kitchens:
(a) Grade 1: self-catering possible (ie, with freezer)
(b) Grade 2: ANUK standard in good condition, possibly recently refurbished
(c) Grade 3: ANUK standard but in poor decorative order,

(3) Bathrooms:
(a) Grade 1: en-suite or a higher ratio than ANUK requirements (eg, Gwen Raverat House)
(b) Grade 2: ANUK standard, sink in room or showers rather than baths
(c) Grade 3: ANUK standard but poor decorative order, no sink in room or baths rather than showers,
(4) External communal spaces:
(a) Grade 1: main Domus facilities
(b) Grade 2: property has a garden
(c) Grade 3: limited or no outside space,

(5) Internal communal spaces:
(a) Grade 1: common rooms, etc
(b) Grade 2: good-sized kitchen or a short walk to main College facilities
(c) Grade 3: kitchen and table only and

(6) Decorative quality:
(a) Grade 1: recently built of refurbished
(b) Grade 2: middle of decorative life-cycle
(c) Grade 3: in need of decoration;
c. Rooms graded A1, B1 or C1 attract an uplift to the base rent (5% for 2015/6); rooms grade A3, B3 and C3 attract a discount (again, 5% for 2016/17);

d. Room that are identified as ‘outliers’, such as exceptionally small rooms or rooms in brand-new properties attract a discretionary discount or uplift. The grade of such rooms is annotated with a ‘*’; and

e. A fixed costs charge, covering such items as utilities, network connection and PAT testing, is added to the base rent to produce the final licence fee.

2. In 2015/6, just over 50% of rooms were size Grade B; and 87% of rooms were facilities Grade 2.

3. Appeals regarding room grading should be made to the Domestic Bursar. Whilst room sizes are a matter of fact (although subject to checking), facilities grading is subjective and at his discretion according to the guidance at Paragraph 1b.

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