The College owns a number of punts for the use of current members & alumni, which can be booked at the Porter’s Lodge.

These rescources are managed by the Admiral of the punts (an elected student position) 

Further details can be found at - http://www.dcsa.dar.cam.ac.uk/info-book/darwin-college-punt-club

Alternatively members may join the DCSA Punt Club, allowing them to book as many times as they like during the punting season free of charge. The cost of membership from September 2016 is £50 for full membership or £30 for off-peak membership (restricted to Monday-Friday) – for more information on the Punt Club please contact the Admiral of the Punts (dcsa_punts@darwin.cam.ac.uk). Kayaks and a canoe are also available for hire to Punt Club members.

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