Darwin Lectures Admissions Policy


  1. All are welcome, without ticket or fee.
  2. As some lecturers attract audiences which exceed the capacity of the Lady Mitchell Hall, the only way to ensure admission is to arrive early, in person.
  3. It is not possible to either reserve seats or be re-admitted to the Hall.
  4. The number admitted is regulated by the Senior Proctor on advice from the County Council Fire Prevention Officer and is controlled by the Custodians.
  5. The doors of the lecture hall are closed at 5.30 p.m. or when the general seating is filled. Thereafter admission is only at the discretion of the Custodian.
  6. As sponsors of the series, Darwin College reserves a small percentage of seats for its own membership and its guests.
  7. If any spare seats in these positions are empty just before a lecture begins, they may be offered to other persons, at the discretion of the Senior Fellow on duty.
  8. Such persons are then escorted to any unfilled places by a Fellow or Graduate Member of the College, acting as a Steward.
  9. Wheelchair access is provided through a side entrance, and Stewards will do their best to assist those with any disability to be seated advantageously.
  10. The College is pleased to advise that the audiovisual link to overflow theatres (Little Hall) is once more available for those unable to gain access to the Lady Mitchell Hall.
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