Darwin College Vice-Masters

Congrautulations to Dr Sara Baker, who joins Professor Fiona Karet as co-Vice-Master from 1 May 2021.  Professor Jonathan Heeney steps down as co-Vice-Master, although he continues to be a Fellow of Darwin; and Professor Fiona Karet continues as co-Vice-Master. 

The Master of Darwin College, Dr Mike Rands, said:

"I am delighted to congratulate Professor Fiona Karet on her re-election as a College Vice-Master and Dr Sara Baker on her election as a College Vice-Master from 1st May 2021. Sara brings invaluable knowledge and skills to this role from her research and teaching in the Faculty of Education in addition to her experience as a College Deputy Dean. I feel very fortunate to have such experienced, dedicated and supportive Vice-Masters and look forward to working with them both, as the College and the rest of this country gradually emerge from the current lockdown.

I would also like to express my enormous gratitude to Professor Jonathan Heeney for his contribution as a Vice-Master over the last two and a half years. Both he and Fiona have been most kind, generous and wise in helping me take up the Master’s reigns at Darwin, for which I am deeply grateful.  I know I speak for all Darwinians when I say how much we appreciate Jon’s commitment to the College and his extraordinary contribution to medical research, including the development of new vaccines to prevent pandemics caused by viruses such as Influenza and Coronaviruses".