Darwin is pleased to announce that two College Fellows have been elected to the Fellowship of The Royal Society

Paul Lehner FMedSci FRS is Professor of Immunology and Medicine at the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research. He studies virus-host antagonism and how our genome is defended from invasion by RNA-derived retroelements such as HIV.  

 “I’m absolutely delighted to be elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society; I’ve been fortunate to work with incredibly talented people and this honour recognises the commitment of the many past and present members of my group who have contributed to our work.” Paul commented. 

Angelos Michaelides FRS is the 1968 Professor of Chemistry, Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry.  His work involves the development and application of theoretical methods to better understand contemporary problems in chemistry, physics, and materials science.  

Angelos said: “Holy moly! I’m delighted to have been elected an FRS and very grateful to all the outstanding students, post-docs, collaborators, and mentors I’ve had over the years without whom this would never have happened.” 

Commenting on the wonderful successes of both Fellows, Mike Rands, Darwin College Master said:  

“On behalf of the worldwide Darwin community I warmly congratulate Professors Paul Lehner and Angelos Michaelides on their election as Fellows of the Royal Society here in the UK. We are proud to have them among the College Fellowship, and delighted that their outstanding contributions to science, and its beneficial impact on society, have been recognised in this way. I am also very happy to see how quick they both are to acknowledge the role of their students and other collaborators in enabling them to make such ground-breaking contributions to global challenges through their research.” 

Paul and Angelos join six other Fellows, six Emeritus Fellows, and twelve Honorary Fellows of Darwin College who hold the accolade of Fellowship of the Royal Society. 

See more on the Royal Society website.