Erasmus Seminar launches this Wednesday

The Erasmus Seminar Series launches this term, with the intention that it will become a major event in, and celebration of, the intellectual life of the College. The series fills a gap in scope and scale between the ambition of the Darwin Lecture Series and the intimacy of the Lunchtime Seminars. 

Professor Catherine Barnard, Professor of EU Law and Employment Law, and a Fellow of Trinity College, will be the inaugural speaker, with a talk on: ‘What happens when enforcement doesn’t happen: Brexit, free movement and … Great Yarmouth'.

Professor Barnard will “look at the experiences of EU migrant workers in Great Yarmouth, a declining seaside resort with the fifth highest leave vote in the UK. Our research has looked at the experiences of those living and working in Great Yarmouth. It tells the story of significant under-enforcement of employment rights in a legal aid desert. The question then is what do the workers do to get help, is it effective and are there lessons for labour enforcement more generally?”

The Master, Dr Mike Rands, says: "In an exciting new development for Darwin College, I’m delighted we are launching the Erasmus Seminar series. This draws upon the College’s deep intellectual strengths, interdisciplinary and international outlook and research rich environment to hear and discuss a topic of great significance for society and especially our academic community."

The Erasmus Seminar will take place at 6pm on Wednesday, 23 November. If you plan to attend, please register here.