Reimagining research

PhD research may not always feel like the most creative or collaborative of processes. Cambridge Creative Encounters aims to change that by bringing together researchers and creative professionals, in order to communicate powerful research in innovative ways, through theatre, poetry, photography, animation and short films.  

Nura Jahanpour, Darwin PhD student in Education, was selected to participate in this year’s project. In partnership with Lanxuan Nie, who completed an MA in Visual Communication: Graphic Design last year at Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts, her research has inspired ‘Walking – side-by-side’, now on display until Tuesday 28th March at Friar House, Bene’t Street.

Based on Nura’s research in Copenhagen and Bratislava, the illustration invites viewers to walk alongside parents to learn about their experiences and realities. The streets of the two cities are portrayed, with the parents’ stories hidden within the illustrations. The project visually represents the power of walking side-by-side to understand the needs of parents, serving as a call to action for researchers and policymakers.

“Through Cambridge Creative Encounters, I have been able to examine my own research through a different lens," says Nura.

"It has also equipped me with creative tools with which to engage parents and bridge the gap of research and practice. It has allowed me not only to be able to explore novel methods of communicating my research, but also to learn more about a completely different discipline that I have always been interested in!”