Women in Darwin

The Vice-Masters, the DCSA and DCSA Liaison Fellow invite you to a series of events to share and discuss the varied experiences of women in academia. Events are open to women and women-identifying only.

2 May: Kick-off Event – Peer-Mentoring

An all-women event to inaugurate the ‘Women in Darwin’ series. An opportunity to share your experience of being a graduate student, a PhD, a Fellow or post-doc by identifying specific challenges arising from being a woman in academia and offering and seeking solutions with mentors. Everyone has something to teach and learn!

Bradfield Room, 7:30pm, led by Fiona Karet and Chloe Kattar

9 May: Post PhD – What Will You Do Next? Fiona Karet and guests

There are many varied and different ways to use a higher degree, most of them beyond traditional  academia. Come hear from women who have established great careers following their PhD. Leaving academia is no failure and we hope to reinforce this idea positively, based on career vignettes and the experiences of Drs Susanna Avery-Quash (National Gallery), Jan Collie (IT security specialist) and Vivien Gruar (EDI professional turned university administrator).

Dinner in the Dining Hall from 7pm; discussion starts at 7.45pm in the Old Library.

18 May: Talk Group for Women of Colour

The talk group will provide a space for women of colour, both students and Fellows, to meet and discuss their experiences and challenges at Darwin and the University of Cambridge more broadly, while recognising these will be diverse and distinct. The talk group will be an actively antiracist space and will be an opportunity to foster a sense of collective strength. No abuse will be tolerated. Refreshments will be provided.

6pm, Bradfield Room, hosted by Saffron East and Chloe Kattar

30 May: Women’s Mental Health Workshop

Workshop involving the active participation of the audience to discuss the specific mental health issues arising from being a woman in academia. Some of the themes we aim to explore are the mental and physical manifestations of stress in academia in all its forms such as anxiety, depression, procrastination, impostor syndrome, etc. Refreshments will be provided.

6:30pm, Old Library, led by Becky Gregory and the DCSA Welfare Officers