Quarantine upon arrival at Darwin (COVID-19)

How to self-isolate at Darwin

All students arriving from non-exempt countries must quarantine for 10 days  – even if they have recently tested negative for COVID-19 or been vaccinated – or risk a £1,000 fine.  Darwin College student self-isolation supporters will provide assistance.

For the latest UK government guidance (including the list of non-exempt countries), please visit:

Government self-isolation guidance

1. Quarantining students should minimize use of shared household areas.  Where shared facilities are used (e.g. bathrooms and kitchens), ALL members of the household must maintain scrupulous COVID-secure practices.  This means using shared areas one person at a time and cleaning shared surfaces before and after use.

2. It may be harder to maintain COVID-secure practices in kitchens.   Delivered meals are therefore the preferred option.  The student self-isolation supporters will help with this.

3. Quarantining students should not leave the property and therefore cannot go out to shops or other public places including shared College spaces such as the Bar, the Servery, the Study Centre, the Reading Room or the gym.  Quarantining students may access the Darwin garden attached to or closest to their property but must wear a face covering and avoid social interaction while doing so.

If a student develops symptoms while in quarantine then ALL members of the household, including those who do not have symptoms, must enter isolation:

Self-isolation on displaying symptoms

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