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Help us support tomorrow’s researchers, doctors, educators and leaders

Postgraduate study opens opportunities in many careers that benefit all of society throughout the world. Darwin prides itself on supporting our students to become independent critical thinkers of the future who prosper in their chosen spheres.  However, far too many of the brightest and best students cannot afford the education they need to progress. You could be the catalyst which helps talented students who don’t have sufficient funds to study at Darwin, become future influencers and leaders in their field. 

Cambridge has increased its numbers of graduate students over recent years. Today, Darwin has some 340 plus research ‘PhD-track’ students, which is more than any other College in Cambridge.  Unfortunately over this time, funding has become scarcer, especially in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. 

One of our current students comments ‘… it has been very, very tough. I spent the first six months of my degree trying to get funding. Fees are especially problematic... I spend significant amounts of time applying for funding and getting nowhere’.  We are absolutely determined that the brightest students should have the opportunity to study for PhDs, not limited by their ability to pay. In short, postgraduate study must not become the preserve of the rich.

Matched funding means your gift will have double the impact
Your donation will enable us to access equal funding from one of the UK Research Councils or University, meaning we can offer Partner Studentships, where the College contributes half the University Fee and student stipend, with the remaining sum funded by the relevant body.  So, please join with many hundreds other Old Darwinians who, through their generosity, have helped our students achieve their potential to go on to become the world’s researchers, doctors, educators and leaders.

The Impact of Regular Giving
Give monthly, over four years and you could fund or part-fund a student through his or her PhD. For example, if you and 29 other individual donors gave £25/month for 4 years, this would, with Gift Aid, generate £11,250 each year over the 4 years of a PhD; enough to attract matched funding, enabling us to offer a studentship to a top student.  Donating this way will also mean that you can follow the student you are helping to fund - in each academic year we will send you a personal email detailing how they are progressing, achievements they have made and about their hopes for the future.

Our aim is that the students need not worry about whether they can continue to afford to study for the length of their entire research programme.  With help from alumni, supporters and well-wishers, we hope to be able to offer a number of such studentships in the very near future.  Please join with us in this campaign, and help us to shape minds which will shape our future for the better.

To donate:
Give securely on-line by clicking on the button on the right. If you are a UK income tax payer, please also complete the Gift Aid portion of the form. You can also donate by downloading and completing this donation form.

If you are resident in the United States - then please give via Cambridge in America. Remember to say that your gift is for Darwin College 'Studentships'.

How your donations are spent:
Darwin is a Registered Charity. Our income comprises academic fees, charges for student accommodation and catering, investment income as well as donations and bequests from alumni and friends. Any money raised is spent as directed by the donor, most is ‘un-restricted’ giving, and other donations go to ‘Students welfare, Buildings and Grounds’ and ‘the Lecture Series’.  100% of your donation to this campaign will go to help fund a studentship and money raised may be matched by UK Research Councils or from within the University.


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