Master & fellows

Master and College Officers

Mary Fowler


Professor Mary Fowler MA PhD FRAS FGS FRCGS
Martin Jones


Professor Martin K. Jones
George Pitt-Rivers Professor of Archaeological Science
(Bio-archaeology and early agriculture)
John Dix


Mr John Dix

Domestic Bursar

Mr Matthew Edwards BSc MA

College Secretary

Mr Julian G Evans

Development Director

Mr Sam Venn

Dean & Senior Tutor

Dr Duncan Needham PhD, MPhil, FRHistS
(Faculty of History)
Matthew Jones

Deputy Dean

Dr Matthew R. Jones
Reader in Information Systems, Judge Business School
(The relationship between information systems and social and organisational change)

Deputy Dean

Dr Sara Baker
University Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education
(Cognitive Science)

College Praelector

Dr Christine van Ruymbeke
Soudavar Senior Lecturer in Persian, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
(Ali Reza and Mohamed Soudavar Senior Lecturer in Persian Studies)

College Archivist

Dr Elisabeth Leedham-Green
(Bibliography and the History of the University of Cambridge)

Fellow Librarian

Dr Ben Raynor
Moses and Mary Finley Research Fellow
(Faculty of Classics)

Deputy College Praelector

Mr Tim Milner
Senior Pro-Proctor 2016-17, University Ceremonial Officer

Wine Steward

Professor Karalyn Patterson FRS, FMedSci, FBA
Senior Scientist, Department of Clinical Neurosciences
(Cognitive Neuropsychology)
Directors of Study

Director of Studies in Computer Science

Professor Alan F. Blackwell MSc PhD
Professor of Interdisciplinary Design, Computer Laboratory
(Digital visualisation and interdisciplinary design)
Adrian Kent

Director of Studies in Mathematics

Professor Adrian P. A. Kent MASt PhD
Professor of Quantum Physics, DAMTP
Fellow of Wolfson College
(Quantum Foundations, Quantum Cosmology, Quantum Information Science)

Director of Studies in Architecture

Professor Francois A. Penz Dip.Arch. PhD
Director of the Moving Image Studio
(Digital Representation in Architecture / Cinema and Architecture)
Professor Michael Akam PhD FRS
1866 Professor of Zoology, Department of Zoology
(Developmental Genetics and Evolution of Arthropods and other animals)
Dr Paul Anderson PhD
University Lecturer,Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
(Middle Eastern Studies)
Dr Panayiotis Antoniou PhD
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education
(Educational Leadership and Evaluation)
Dr Ines Barroso
(Head of Human Genetics at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and leader of the Metabolic Disease Group)
Professor Sir Harry D.K. Bhadeshia PhD FREng FRS
Tata Steel Professor of Metallurgy
(Phase Transformations in Metals)
Professor Christopher M. Bishop PhD, FRS
Director, Microsoft Research Cambridge
(Probabalistic models and machine learning)
Professor Alan F. Blackwell MSc PhD
Professor of Interdisciplinary Design, Computer Laboratory
(Digital visualisation and interdisciplinary design)
Professor Carol E.G. Brayne MSc MD CBE FRCP FFPH FMedSci
Professor of Public Health & Medicine
(Public Health and Primary Care)
Dr Alexandra Brintrup PhD
University Lecturer in Digital Manufacturing
Dr Paolo Campana
University Lecturer in Criminology and Complex Networks
(Organised crime; human trafficking and modern slavery; migrant smuggling; criminal networks)
Professor Russell Cowburn PhD FRS
Professor of Experimental Physics
(Nanotechnology, Magnetism and Optics)
Dr Julia Davies PhD
University Reader in plant membrane biology
Professor Mark de Rond PhD
Senior Lecturer at the Judge Business School
(Strategy and Innovation)
Professor Anne C. Ferguson-Smith PhD, FMedSci, FRS
Arthur Balfour Professor of Genetics and Head Department of Genetics
(Mammalian developmental genetics and epigenetics)
Professor Dame Jane Francis PhD
Director, British Antarctic Survey
Dr Adrian T. Grounds DM,FRC Psych.
Honorary Fellow, Institute of Criminology
(Mental disorder and crime)
Professor Jonathan Heeney DVM, DVSc, PhD, ScD, FRCPath
Professor of Comparative Pathology, Lab of Viral Zoonotics, Department of Veterinary Medicine
(Pathology of Viral diseases, "the Virome" and Zoonotic infections)
Professor Markus Kalberer PhD
(Chemistry of atmospheric aerosols and their effects on human health)
Professor Fiona Karet PhD, FRCP, FMedSci
Director of Organisational Affairs, School of Clinical Medicine, Professor of Nephrology/Hon. Consultant in Renal Medicine
(Renal tubular pathophysiology)
Dr Torsten Krude PhD
Senior Lecturer, Deptartment of Zoology
(Regulation of DNA replication in human cells)
Professor Paul Lehner PhD FRCP FMed Sci
Wellcome Trust Principal Fellow and Professor of Immunology and Medicine, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research (Pathogen evasion of the immune system)
Dr Jan Löwe PhD FRS
Structural Studies Division,MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
(Bacterial Cytoskeleton)
Dr Thomas J. Miley PhD
Lecturer,Department of Sociology
(Political Sociology)
Mr Tim Milner
Dr John H. Nilsson-Wright PhD
Lecturer in Modern Japanese Studies
(Japanese Politics: International Relations of East Asia: Cold War History)
Professor Francois A. Penz Dip.Arch. PhD
Director of the Moving Image Studio
(Digital Representation in Architecture / Cinema and Architecture)
Professor Andrew M. Pitts PhD
Professor of Theoretical Computer Science
(Theory and Semantics of Computation)
Professor Carl Edward Rasmussen PhD
Professor of Machine Learning, Department of Engineering
(Machine Learning, probabilistic inference, decision making and reasoning under uncertainty)
Dr Paul A. Robertson PhD
University Lecturer in Electrical Engineering
(Radio frequency electronics; electro-magnetic sensors & instrumentation; thin film devices)
Dr Chris Sandbrook PhD
Lecturer in Conservation Leadership, Department of Geography
(Biodiversity conservation and its relationship with society)
Dr Aylwyn Scally PhD
Group Leader: Scally Group
(Human evolutionary genomics)
Professor Simon Schaffer PhD
Professor of History of Science
(Social History of Science)
Dr Jennifer Schooling
Director of the Centre for Smart Infrastructure
(Applying digital tools, sensors and IoT to economic Infrastructure to improve whole life performance)
Dr Emily F. Shuckburgh PhD OBE
Deputy Head, Polar Oceans
Dr Dénes Szűcs PhD
Reader in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology
(Cognitive and educational neuroscience; mathematical understanding; meta-analysis; big data)
Dr Daniel Weiss PhD
Polonsky-Coexist Senior Lecturer in Jewish Studies
(Ethics, philosophy of religion, classical Jewish texts, inter-religious relations and communication)
Simone Weyand
Dr Simone Weyand
(Membrane protein structure, function and cellular activities)
Professor Eric Wolff PhD FRS
Royal Society Professor of Earth Sciences
Dr Angela Wood PhD
University Lecturer in Biostatistics
Research Fellows
Dr Miltos Allamanis
Microsoft Research Fellow
(Machine Learning and Software Engineering)
Dr Jenna Dittmar
Wellcome Trust funded Research Associate, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
(Palaeopathology, archaeology, history of medicine)
Dr Arthur Dudney
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
(History of South Asia and the Persianate World)
Dr Dennis Duncan
Dr David Friedman
(Flavius Josephus and ancient historiography)
Dr Tanya Hutter
Henslow Research Fellow
(Chemical Physics Group)
Dr Johannes Knolle
Charles and Katharine Darwin Research Fellow
(Theoretical condensed matter physics)
Dr Tao Liu
Schlumberger Research Fellow
(Research interests include batteries, fuel cells and solar fuels)
Dr Alison Macintosh
(Skeletal morphology and muscular variation- Understanding biomechanics and energetics in the past)
Dr Tom Maguire
(Politics and International Studies)
Dr Lauren Marbella
Charles and Katharine Darwin Research Fellow
(In operando structural and dynamic characterization of materials for energy storage and conversion)
Dr Marieke Mur
Dr Sam Ottewill-Soulsby
(Early Medieval History, The Impact of the Ancient City)
Dr James Poskett
(History of Science and Medicine)
Dr Robin Reuvers
Schlumberger Research Fellow
(Mathematical physics)
Dr Francesco Ruggeri
Dr Advait Sarkar
Microsoft Research Fellow
Dr Charu Singh
(History of science, knowledge and empire; South Asian history)
Dr K C Sivaramakrishnan
(Computer Laboratory)
Dr Sandy Skelton
Charles & Katharine Darwin Research Fellow
(Material efficiency and demand reduction)
Dr Giancarlo Soavi
(Ultrafast optical spectroscopy; graphene and 2d materials)
Dr Dan Storisteanu
Dr Emily Ward
Moses and Mary Finley Research Fellow
(Child kingship in the Middle Ages; boyhood and male adolescence; comparative European history)
Mr Julius Weitzdörfer
Charles & Katharine Darwin Research Fellow and Affiliated Lecturer, Faculty of Law
(Responsible innovation and extreme technological risk)
Dr Adrian Weller
David MacKay Newton Research Fellow
(Machine learning, including scalability, interpretability, reliability and fairness)
Dr Jingyi Jenny Zhao
(Ancient Greek and early Chinese thought in comparison)
Honorary Fellows
Sir Michael Atiyah Phd FRS
Dr Simon Bittleston PhD
(Vice-President of Research for Schlumberger)
Sir Arnold Burgen MD FRS
(Pharmacology, Master of Darwin College, 1982-1989)
Professor Robin Carrell FRS, FMedSci
Mr Bernard M. De L. Cazenove
Professor Chris Dobson, FRS, FMedSci
(Department of Chemistry)
Dr Jeffrey W. Edington BSc PhD DSc
(Metallurgy and Science of Materials)
Professor Sir Alan Fersht FRS, FMedSci
(Department of Chemistry)
Professor Sir Tony Hoare DSc FRS
(Computer Science)
Dr Christopher M.P. Johnson PhD
Dr Robert H Jones PhD
Dr Olga Kennard OBE ScD FRS
Professor Sir Geoffrey Lloyd FBA
(Ancient Philosophy & Science, Master of Darwin College, 1989 - 2000)
Mrs Nicky Padfield
(Master, Fitzwilliam College, Reader in Criminal and Penal Justice)
The Hon. Robert Rayne
Professor Sir Martin Rees FRS
(Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics)
Dr Janet Rossant C.C., Ph.D., F.R.S., F.R.S.C
(Developmental and Stem Cell Biology)
Professor Ekhard K.H. Salje PhD FRS
(Mineral Sciences)
Professor Amartya Sen PhD FBA
(Professor of Economics and Philosophy)
Dr Mike Sheppard DPhil
Professor Dame Jean Thomas FRS FMedSci
(Macromolecular biochemistry, Master, St Catherine's College)
Sir Gregory Winter, CBE, FRS, FMedSci
(Master, Trinity College)
Emeritus Fellows
Ms Janine D. Bourriau MA FSA
(McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research)
Dr Nicholas J.B.A. Branson PhD
Peter Brindle
Mr Peter J. Brindle MA MPhil FCMI FInstD
Professor William Brown MA CBE
(Professor of Industrial Relations, Master, Darwin College 2000-2012)
Dr M. Munawar Chaudhri PhD
(Cavendish Laboratory, Head of the Materials Group)
Professor Jennifer A. Clack ScD FRS
Professor and Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology,University Museum of Zoology
(Vertebrate paleontology: the 'fish-tetrapod' transition)
Dr Margaret Cone PhD
(Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies)
Professor John R. Cooper PhD
(Emeritus Professor of Quantum Matter)
Dr R.A. (Tony) Cox ScD
(Atmospheric science)
Professor Christopher Cullen MA PhD
Emeritus Honorary Professor of the History of East Asian Science,Technology & Medicine and Emeritus Director, Needham Research Institute
(History of Science,Technology and Medicine in East Asia; Chinese Mathematics and Astronomy)
Professor A. Philip Dawid ScD
(Emeritus Professor of Statistics)
Professor Andrew C. Fabian OBE PhD FRS
Royal Society Research Professor
(Cosmic Radiation Sources)
Dr Peter Friend PhD
(Earth Sciences)
Mr George T. Gömöri MA B. Litt.
(Hungarian poet, writer and academic)
Dr Reginald F.W. Goodwin PhD
(Veterinary Science)
Professor Dean U. Hawkes PhD, RIBA
Dr Richard Henderson PhD FRS
(High resolution 3D structures by electron cryomicroscopy)
Leo Howe
Dr Leo E.A. Howe
(South East Asian Anthropology; Urban studies)
Professor Felicia A. Huppert PhD
(Emeritus Professor of Psychology)
Professor Nicholas Jardine PhD
Professor of History & Philosophy of the Sciences
(Philosophy of history; history of cosmology; history of natural history)
Mr Richard A. King CBE MA FBIM
Professor Ronald A. Laskey PhD FRS CBE
(Emeritus Professor of Animal Embryology)
Professor Ian McConnell PhD MRCVS FRCPath FRSE
(Emeritus Professor of Veterinary Science)
Professor Philip M.J. McNair DPhil PhD
(Emeritus Professor of Italian)
Dr Kiyoshi Nagai PhD FRS
(RNA-Protein Interactions)
Dr Bruce A. Newton ScD FRCPath
Dr Paul Ries PhD
(European Studies)
Professor Lawrence Sherman PhD PhD (hc) DHL (hc) FRSA (hc) KNO
Wolfson Professor of Criminology
(Experimental criminology and crime prevention)
Ms Peta Stevens MA
Professor Donald J. West MD LittD
(Emeritus Professor of Clinical Criminology)
Dr Kathleen M. Wheeler PhD
(Romanticism,Twentieth Century Fiction,and Literary Theory)
Dr Chester White MBE TD BM PhD
Dr Roger G. Whitehead CBE PhD FIBiol
(Maternal and child nutrition)
Dr Abe D. Yoffe ScD
(Cavendish Laboratory, Head of the Materials Group)
Professor Karalyn Patterson FRS, FMedSci, FBA
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