Informal, international and interdisciplinary

Darwin is a welcoming community of postgraduate students and academics. Our beautiful riverside location provides a home in central Cambridge for students from over 80 different countries, studying for the full range of postgraduate degrees.

Founded in 1964, we were the first exclusively postgraduate College in Cambridge, and the first to admit both women and men. For nearly 60 years Darwin has offered an egalitarian, inclusive space within which research can flourish. Our members and alumni are at the forefront of innovative responses to global challenges, from the climate crisis to emerging viruses.

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Lecture Series

A fixture of the College calendar since the 1980s, the Darwin College Lecture Series is a unique opportunity to hear experts in their field explore the same topic from different angles, perspectives and disciplines over an eight-week Cambridge term.

On the Disappointment of Revolutions

Simon Schama

5.30pm, Friday 19th January 2024

The Genetic Revolutions

Matthew Cobb

5.30pm, Friday 26th January 2024

Are Revolutions Justified?

Lea Ypi

5.30pm, Friday 2nd February 2024

The Exoplanet Revolution

Didier Queloz

5.30pm, Friday 16th February 2024

Worlds turned upside down: Quiet Revolutions in Art

Frances Spalding

5.30pm, 23 February 2024