Dr Mike Rands


Master of Darwin College and a Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge

Dr Duncan Needham

Dean & Senior Tutor

Faculty of History

Professor Sara Baker


University Reader, Faculty of Education

Professor Fiona Karet


Professor of Nephrology; Hon. Consultant in Renal Medicine

Mr John Dix


Bursar of Darwin College

Mr Julian Evans

College Secretary

Dr Matthew Jones

Deputy Dean

Reader in Information Systems, Judge Business School

Dr Simone Weyand

Deputy Dean

Membrane protein structure, function and cellular activities

Professor Christine van Ruymbeke

Deputy College Praelector

Ali Reza and Mohamed Soudavar Reader in Persian Literature and Culture

Fiona Duffy

Ms Fiona Duffy

Development Director

Mr Tim Milner

College Praelector

Senior Proctor 2019-20, University Ceremonial Officer

Ms Jacky Cox


Keeper of the University Archives

Dr Chloe Kattar

Research Fellow, Faculty of History

Faculty of History

Professor Dénes Szűcs

Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology

Dr Hong Ge

Machine Learning

Professor Eric French

Faculty of Economics

Professor Carol Brayne CBE

Professor of Public Health & Medicine

Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith CBE

Arthur Balfour Professor of Genetics and Head Department of Genetics

Professor Christopher Bishop

Director, Microsoft Research Cambridge

Associate Professor Torsten Krude

Senior Lecturer, Department of Zoology

Dr Emily Shuckburgh

Director, Cambridge Zero; Reader in Environmental Data Science, Department of Computer Science & Technology

Dr John Nilsson-Wright

Senior Lecturer in Japanese Politics and International Relations

Associate Professor

Professor Alan Blackwell

Professor of Interdisciplinary Design, Computer Laboratory

Professor Mark de Rond

Professor of Organisational Ethnography

Professor Russell Cowburn

Professor of Experimental Physics

Dr Jeff Miley

Lecturer, Department of Sociology

Professor Chris Sandbrook

Senior Lecturer in Conservation Leadership, Department of Geography

Professor Jonathan Heeney

Professor of Comparative Pathology, Lab of Viral Zoonotics

Department of Veterinary Medicine

Professor Paul Lehner

Wellcome Trust Principal Fellow and Professor of Immunology and Medicine, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research

Professor Jan Löwe

Director, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology; Honorary Professor of Structural and Molecular Microbiology

Professor Eric Wolff

Royal Society Professor of Earth Sciences

Professor Dame Jane Francis

Director, British Antarctic Survey

Associate Professor Paul Anderson

University Lecturer, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Professor Julia Davies

Professor of Stress Signalling, Department of Plant Sciences

Associate Professor Aylwyn Scally

Group Leader, Scally Group, Department of Genetics

Professor Angela Wood

University Lecturer in Biostatistics

Dr Daniel Weiss

Polonsky-Coexist Senior Lecturer in Jewish Studies

Professor Alexandra Brintrup

University Lecturer in Digital Manufacturing

Associate Professor Paolo Campana

University Lecturer in Criminology and Complex Networks

Professor James Rowe

Director of Cambridge Centre for Frontotemporal Dementia and Related Disorders

Dr Thorsten Boroviak

Principal Investigator, Laboratory for Primate Embryogenesis, Centre for Trophoblast Research

Professor Ioannis Kontoyiannis

Churchill Professor of Mathematics

Professor Angelos Michaelides

1968 Professor of Chemistry

Dr Annouchka Bayley

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education

Professor Flora Samuel

Professor of Architecture (1970) Director of the forthcoming Cambridge Urban Room

Professor Jeremy Adelman

Director of the Global History Lab (CRASSH)

Faculty of History

Dr Tian Tian

Research Fellow

Dr Peter Martin

Moses and Mary Finley Research Fellow

Faculty of Classics

Dr Diana Arseni

Research Fellow

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Dr Tessel Bouwens

Research Fellow

Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry

Dr Fabian Eichberger

Charles & Katharine Darwin Research Fellow

Faculty of Law

Dr Amelia Hassoun

Research Fellow

Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy

Dr Amanda Ferguson

Research Fellow

MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit

Dr Sarah Pyke

Research Fellow (Munby Fellow)

University Library

Dr Sophie Morrison

Research Fellow, Department of Engineering

Dr Tamsin Samuels

Research Fellow, Department of Genetics

Mr Arthur Harris

Lloyd Dan David Research Fellow, Needham Research Institute

Dr Edwin Rose

Advanced Research Fellow

Dr Jan Behrends

TCM Group, Cavendish Laboratory

Dr Nathaniel Anderson

Charles & Katharine Darwin Research Fellow

Wellcome Sanger Institute

Dr Jess Thompson

Research Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

Dr Finn Stirling

Research Fellow, Department of Biochemistry

Dr Sandra Petrus-Reurer

Research Fellow, Department of Surgery

Dr Adrien Hallou

Herchel Smith Research Fellow, Wellcome

CRUK Gurdon Institute & Cavendish Laboratory

Dr Lakshmi Balasubramaniam

EMBO / Herchel Smith Fellow, Wellcome Trust/ Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute

Dr Amin El-Yousfi

Research Fellow

Dr Xiaolei Zhang

Research Fellow

Maharshi Dhada

SF Express Research Fellow

Dr Saffron East

Adrian Research Fellow

Dr Igor Kavrakov

Research Fellow, Department of Engineering

Dr Elisabeth Leedham-Green

Emeritus Fellow

Dr Reginald Goodwin

Emeritus Fellow

Dr George Gömöri

Emeritus Fellow

Dr Roger Whitehead

Emeritus Fellow

Dr Peter Friend

Emeritus Senior Lecturer, Department of Earth Sciences

Professor Nicholas Jardine

Emeritus Professor of History & Philosophy of the Sciences

Professor Dean Hawkes

Emeritus Fellow

Professor Andrew Pitts

Emeritus Fellow

Professor of Theoretical Computer Science

Dr Richard Henderson

Research Leader

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Professor Ronald Laskey

Emeritus Professor of Animal Embryology

Ms Janine Bourriau

Emeritus Fellow

Dr Nicholas Branson

Emeritus Fellow

Professor Andrew Fabian

Royal Society Research Professor

Institute of Astronomy

Professor Simon Schaffer

Professor of History of Science

Professor Sir Harry Bhadeshia

Emeritus Tata Steel Professor of Metallurgy

Dr Leo Howe

Emeritus Fellow

Dr Adrian Grounds

Honorary Research Fellow, Institute of Criminology

Dr Kathleen Wheeler

Emeritus Fellow

Dr Munawar Chaudhri

Emeritus Reader, Cavendish Laboratory

Professor Karalyn Patterson

Emeritus Fellow

Dr Margaret Cone

Emeritus Fellow

Professor John Cooper

Emeritus Professor of Quantum Matter, Cavendish Laboratory

Professor François Penz

Professor of Architecture and the Moving Image

Dr (R.A.) Tony Cox

Research Leader, Centre for Atmospheric Science

Department of Chemistry

Professor Martin Jones

Emeritus George Pitt-Rivers Professor of Archaeological Science

Mr Peter Brindle

Emeritus Fellow

Ms Peta Stevens

Emeritus Fellow

Professor Felicia Huppert

Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Professor Ian McConnell

Emeritus Professor of Veterinary Science

Professor Christopher Cullen

Emeritus Honorary Professor of the History of East Asian Science

Technology & Medicine

Professor Michael Akam

1866 Professor of Zoology (Emeritus)

Professor Philip Dawid

Emeritus Professor of Statistics

Professor Lawrence Sherman

Emeritus Fellow

Director, Cambridge Police Executive Programme, Institute of Criminology

Professor Mary Fowler

Emeritus Fellow

Professor Arokia Nathan


Professor of Photonic Systems and Displays, Department of Engineering

Dr David Friedman


Professor John Clarke

Honorary Fellow

Professor Amartya Sen

Honorary Fellow

Dr Jeffrey Edington

Honorary Fellow

Dr Mike Sheppard

Honorary Fellow

Professor Sir Tony Hoare

Honorary Fellow

Professor Ekhard Salje

Honorary Fellow

Professor Sir Martin Rees

Honorary Fellow

The Hon. Robert Rayne

Honorary Fellow

Mr Bernard Cazenove

Honorary Fellow

Professor Dame Jean Thomas

Honorary Fellow

Dr Robert Jones

Honorary Fellow

Dr Simon Bittleston

Honorary Fellow

Sir Gregory Winter

Honorary Fellow

Professor Sir Alan Fersht

Honorary Fellow

Professor Nicky Padfield

Honorary Fellow

Professor Robin Carrell

Honorary Fellow

Dr Janet Rossant

Honorary Fellow

Professor Eric Maskin

Honorary Fellow

Professor Simon Keynes

Honorary Fellow

Dame Jane Goodall

Honorary Fellow

Dr Pippa Rogerson

Honorary Fellow

Ms Heather Hancock

Honorary Fellow

Professor Dame Sally Davies

Honorary Fellow

Professor Euan Nisbet

Honorary Fellow

Professor Amrita Narlikar

Honorary Fellow

Professor Dame Julia Slingo

Honorary Fellow

Mrs Angela Darwin JP

Honorary Fellow

Dr Catherine Waite

David MacKay Research Associate

Department of Zoology

Dr Jinying Xu

David MacKay Research Associate

Department of Engineering