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Newton Trust - College MPhil Scheme 2017/18

The Newton Trust - College Masters Studentship is part of the Graduate Funding Competition.   These Studentships will be awarded to outstanding "home" students who want to carry out research MPhils with the goal of continuing to the PhD.   These Studentships are jointly funded by the Colleges and the Isaac Newton Trust.  Darwin is one of the 19 Colleges providing funding as part of the scheme.

If you are successful in receiving a Newton College Masters Studentship through the Graduate Funding Competition, you will be awarded a £12,000 studentship to cover fees and a contribution towards living costs.

Please note that it is the Student Registry in collaboration with University Departments that makes the decisions as to who receives these awards rather than the participating Colleges.   This means that a successful student may have to transfer from the College which has offered membership to the College which is providing part of the funding, though it may also be the case that the College offering membership and the College providing part funding are one and the same.

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Vargas Scholarship

Darwin College offers a Vargas Scholarship which provides all approved fees and maintenance for up to four years. Only Venezuelan citizens studying for the PhD (or MPhil leading to PhD) in medicine (or possibly related subjects) are eligible. Applicants should apply in writing by email in the first instance directly to the Dean of the College as the studentship is not always available (

Studentships / Bursaries

Philosophy Studentship(s) 2017-18

Darwin College will offer annually, by competition, one or more Philosophy Studentships of up to £6,000 to students commencing graduate work in the Faculty of Philosophy. Other things being equal, preference will be given to UK students.The award is for students to study at Darwin College.   Applications are welcome from students applying to Darwin, or from students who, if applying to other Colleges, are prepared to apply to transfer to Darwin.    No special application forms are necessary, and all those eligible will be considered from information contained in their original application to the University.   The tenure of the award is for one year, but holders may be considered in subsequent years.

Darwin's Santander Bursaries

Darwin College offers three such Bursaries of £3,000 each.   These are tenable in any subject and open to students of any nationality.   A first class degree or its equivalent is essential, and preference will be given to students who place Darwin as first choice on their formal application to the University.  Only students coming into their first year of study are eligible.   The awards are for one year only and cannot be renewed.   Applications (on the formal application form) must reach the College by 31 July, 2017.

Download application form.



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