The Political Economy of Conservation and Food Security

Bhaskar Vira
University of Cambridge

5.30pm Friday 11 March 2022

Archaeology and Discovering the Food of the Past

Martin Jones
University of Cambridge

5.30pm Friday 4th March 2022

Food and Cultural History

Melissa Calaresu
University of Cambridge

5.30pm Friday 25 February 2022

Food as Expression

Alex Rushmer

5:30pm Friday 18 February 2022

X-Rays and Food Safety

Richard Parmee
Cheyney Group

5:30pm Friday 11 February 2022

Food, Power & Society

Sarah Mukherjee
Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment

5:30pm Friday 4 February 2022

Should Cats and Dogs Go Vegan?

Andrew Knight
University of Winchester

5:30pm Friday 28 January 2022

Food and Climate Change

Sarah Bridle
University of York

5:30pm Friday 21 January 2022

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