University Cards

When you arrive you will be given a University card, either by your Faculty or Department, or by the College. Your card acts as a keycard to certain buildings, provides you with access to Library services and enables you to make purchases in the Dining Hall.

If you lose your card you will need to request a new one from the Deanery Office via email:

The University Card Office charges £12 for each replacement card, a charge which will be added to your College account. If your card is damaged, faded or expired , please return it to the Deanery – you will not be charged for a replacement.

In your card is stolen please try to obtain a crime reference number.

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CamSIS – The Cambridge Student Information System

The University manages student records through a web-based system known as CamSIS. You will need to use CamSIS via your own self-service account (referred to as a Student Centre on CamSIS) in order to manage your data while a student at Cambridge. CamSIS, along with the manage your student information pages, are your most important sources of information.

All students have access to their own record through the online self-service. This service will be familiar to most of you already through the application process. Students are responsible for managing various aspects of their interactions with the University and its staff though the self-service, for example:

  • notification of changes in contact details
  • exam enrolments
  • applying for allowances, intermission, leave to work away
  • graduation
  • supervision reports

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BA and MA Status

All registered graduate students automatically have BA (Bachelor of Arts) status if they are under the age of 24, and MA (Master of Arts) status if they are over 24. BA or MA status confers the privileges of a BA or MA respectively in relation to the University Library, the various Museums and the Botanic Garden, and governs the type of gown that should be worn. The College claims the appropriate status for those who are entitled, but who do not acquire it automatically.

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Student Certificates & Forms

The Deanery should be approached if you need any of the following documents:

·       Confirmation of study letters or degree approval letters

·       Council Tax exemption certificates

·       An introduction to UK banking facilities

Please note that at busy times, certificates may take up to three working days to be provided.

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